Universal Credit

Welfare benefits are changing and more people are being moved on to a new kind of benefit – Universal Credit.

Universal Credit is a single monthly payment that replaces six benefits.

Anyone making a new benefit claim, or updating a current claim, will be moved on to Universal Credit in Glasgow from this autumn.

There are important differences to Universal Credit you need to know about:

  • it can take six weeks from when you first make a claim until you get your first payment
  • payments will be made once a month, on the same date every month
  • the money is paid directly to your bank account and will include your housing costs (rent)
  • we won’t receive your rent payment directly so it’s up to you to pay your rent every month
  • you will be asked to sign a claimant commitment. If you don’t follow this, you can be sanctioned and lose all of your benefits
  • you will get an online journal which you will use to keep the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) updated on your circumstances.

Don’t worry alone. GHA will help you.

  • you’ll need to go online and have an email address. We will help you get online and update your online journal
  • your money will go into a bank account. We will help you set up a bank account
  • it’s up to you to pay your rent. We will help you budget and set up a direct debit payment.

Do you need extra advice and support? Check out the many ways we can help.

You can also talk to your housing officer or give us a phone on 0800 479 7979.

Remember, GHA is here to help you.