I assumed I couldn't do stuff – now I know I can

GHA tenant Fraser Moore, 23, from Balornock, on how volunteering helped him realise what he is capable of doing.

Fraser Moore volunteers at Starter Packs

I’m visually impaired and I volunteer at the Starter Packs shop in Govan two days a week.

Starter Packs is a charity that helps people when they move into a house after being homeless.

It provides household items like bedding, cups, plates and toiletries that people need in their new home.

It feels good to work for a charity that helps people.

My two days at Starter Packs are the best two days of the week.

It’s an achievement for me to be getting out of the house and doing something with my life.

I’ve made a lot of new friends too.

I really enjoy working on the till in the shop serving customers.

I’d never used a cash till before – I’d never even seen one before.  Now I can actually use it.  

If a customer buys an ornament or an item from the shop, I type in the cost and then figure out what the change will be.

I never thought I could do what I do now in the shop – carrying ornaments and other fragile things and putting them away – because of my eyesight.  

Now I know I can be careful and I can do it – and that makes me feel good about myself.

When my volunteering is finished I want to start looking for a job.  I wasn’t ready to do this before because I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what I was able to do.

Volunteering has helped me a lot.  

Because I was visually impaired, I always just assumed I couldn’t do stuff because I couldn’t see.  

When I started volunteering I realised I was wrong.

Just because you are visually impaired or have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t do something.

Fraser got in touch with Volunteer Plus, a project run by Loretto Care, funded by the Wheatley Foundation. Volunteering can improve your skills, boost your confidence or even help you find a new career. If you’re claiming benefits they won’t be affected and you’ll also get travel expenses. Phone 0141 274 5909 or email emma.hanlon@lorettoha.co.uk


Wednesday, November 29, 2017