Grandkids help sow seeds of garden idea

It was a visit from her grandkids in lockdown that got GHA tenant Tricia Anderson thinking.

Residents set up a community garden in Riddrie

The two wee ones, aged five and six, couldn’t visit Tricia in person because she was shielding.

Instead, they dropped off a couple of plants for her garden to give her something nice to look at to keep her spirits up.

Fast forward a few months and those two flowering plants are now a community garden that is bringing neighbours together and helping reduce isolation.

The garden, in Cumbernauld Road in Riddrie, is shared by several closes in the block and is proving popular with residents.

Tricia, 63, said: “The garden has been a great way of cheering the place up and bringing people together.

“My granddaughters brought me some plants for the garden because they couldn’t come in to visit and it started from there.

“I put a few more plants in, then neighbours built raised beds, and now we even have a greenhouse.

“We grow flowers, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, runner beans, and more. Everyone helps out.

“We’ve put in a bench so people can sit out and have a blether and we’ve invited new neighbours to join us too.

“It’s good to be out in the fresh air and because its mostly older tenants here it helps reduce isolation.

“GHA has been great. Our housing officer Cass Hendry helped with some of the cost and helped spread the word.

“There’s already a good wee community here, we usually hold barbecues in the summer, and the garden is a nice way of keeping our community going.”

Vicky Rowlands, GHA’s Locality Housing Director for the area, said: “We always want to encourage community spirit and the garden is an important way of doing that.

“Tricia and her neighbours have done a fantastic job. The garden looks great and has really helped bring people together.”

In the photo at the top of the page, Tricia is at the back with, from left, William Boyle, Lenny Gilmore and John Evans.

Thursday, June 24, 2021