Free winter home check for older tenants

GHA is helping older tenants make sure their homes are ready for the winter weather.

winter ready plumber with tenants

We’re carrying out a free winter home check for tenants who are over 60 or disabled.

The check is quick and easy and will make sure homes are protected against the effects of cold weather.

It’s a good way of protecting your home – and making sure you are warm and safe.

As part of the free home check, a plumber will check:

  • your heating is working properly
  • your pipes are protected against the cold
  • your home has draughtproofing
  • water can be turned off easily in an emergency
  • heat loss is reduced by fitting radiator reflectors.

Tenants who get the home check will also get a free blanket.

Tenant Florence Goudie, from Castlemilk, recently got the WinterReady home check carried out.

Florence, 73, said: “The home check made me feel more secure and put me at ease. The plumber bled the radiator, checked the boiler and showed me where the stop cock is.

“He was really friendly and very quick. Fifteen or 20 minutes and that was it done. It’s good to know that everything is okay at home.

“It’s the best way to stay safe – and it was nice to get the blanket too. It’s important older tenants take up this offer of the free home check. Your home is so important.”

If you’re over 60 or disabled and haven’t booked your winter home check, talk to your housing officer or give us a phone on 0800 479 7979.


Wednesday, December 06, 2017