GHA helps tenants recycle

GHA is encouraging tenants to recycle.

GHA is encouraging tenants to recycle

More and bigger recycling bins are outside high-rise blocks for tenants to recycle paper, plastic bottles, tin cans and food waste.

It’s an important way of protecting the environment by reducing waste that goes to landfill.

New signs in the blocks are also encouraging tenants to recycle.

Most multi-storey sites have glass recycling bins, and those that don’t have signs showing the nearest place to recycle glass and textiles.

Tenant Irene Gaughan, from Cardonald, knows how important it is.

She said: “Recycling helps the environment. If we didn’t recycle, it would go to landfill.

“Recycling means fewer visits to the bin room and stops the bin chute getting clogged up too.

“Waste is damaging the planet so we all need to do our bit.

“Do it for your grandchildren.”

Maria Corrigan, GHA’s south environmental boss, said: “It’s so important to cut down on waste and recycle more. We really want tenants to use the bins to recycle as much as possible.”

GHA works in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) to help keep neighbourhoods cleaner and greener.

KSB’s Katie Murray said: “Recycling reduces our consumption of natural resources, reduces energy used in manufacturing and saves materials from landfill.

“We commend GHA for making it easier for people to do the right thing.”

Remember, if you have unwanted furniture, why not donate it to Home Comforts?

Home Comforts takes unwanted items, makes them as good as new and passes them to tenants who need it most.

It helps keep communities clean and helps support your fellow tenants

Email or call 274 7025 to arrange a free pick-up.

Irene is pictured above with GHA’s Kurt Murray.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019