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Why don't you - customers paid online - May 2020

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Don’t have time to register for My GHA today? You can pay rent using our online payment site.

If you pay using online banking, in a branch or by standing order, make sure you use your rent reference number so your payment goes into your account without delay.

With a My GHA account you'll get:

  • to check your rent and lock-up balances
  • to view recent payments and charges
  • to make payments to rent and lock-up accounts securely

  • to request a repair for your home, choosing an appointment that suits you
  • to change your repair appointment if your circumstances change
  • and keep tabs on a range of other services, including welfare advice and reporting environmental issues.

Can I register for a My GHA account without an email address?

To create a My GHA account you'll need an email address.

Don't have an email address? Websites such as Google, Yahoo or MSN offer email services.

When is my rent due?

Rent is paid as soon as you receive the keys to your new home.

Rent is due every four weeks. You can choose to pay each week, fortnight, four-weekly or monthly or you may have an agreed arrangement with your housing officer. It’s up to you.

Our rent calendar shows you when rent is due.

What does my rent pay for?

Rent allows us to keep improving homes, communities and the lives of our tenants. This includes:

  • a quality repairs service
  • new heating, insulation work, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, roofs and doors
  • the environmental services and improvements around your home
  • a 24-hour, seven days a week, customer service centre
  • expert money, welfare and fuel advice to help you make the most of your money
  • helping people into work, education and training.

I have other questions about paying online. Can you help?

Find out more answers to your questions about paying rent online in our FAQs.