New boilers and a cleaner, greener environment

WE’VE been working hard to improve homes and communities in the area.

GHA improving homes

The environment around Ronaldsay Street in Milton is looking cleaner and greener after GHA spent close to £160,000 on improvements there.

The high-rise block at 123 Castelbay Drive also had new water pumps and tanks installed, at a cost of £142,000.

In Elphin Street, Invershiel Road and Staffin Drive in Summerston, environmental improvements have also been carried out, at a cost of almost £290,000.

Tenants in Lambhill are also feeling the benefit after GHA spent £211,000 installing new boilers in 141 homes in the area.

To read more about GHA's city-wide investment click on investing in your home.

Monday, August 27, 2018