Lantern parade lights up Milton

Youngsters in Milton took part in Christmas lantern parade – and got a sweet treat thanks to the Wheatley Foundation.

Christmas lantern parade in Milton

Around 200 children and their families took part in lantern parade from Milton Community Campus to Liddesdale square to see a Christmas tree switched on.

The parade, featuring lanterns the young people made themselves, was led by Baillie Jacqueline McLaren, local councillor for the area, and Bob Doris MSP.

The event was organised by Thriving Places Milton, Lambhill and Cadder, and the Wheatley Foundation helped by providing 200 selection boxes for the young people.

Lorraine McLaren, Wheatley Foundation Director, said: “We know how much people in Milton love their community and we were more than happy to support this event.”

Pictured with their lanterns are Miley Eadie and Lexi Bennett, and with santa – and their selection boxes – are Lacey and Mackenzie Miller.

Thursday, December 06, 2018