Knightswood Blairdardie Anniesland

Halley Place bushes after

Overgrown bushes and trees on a communal path were a nuisance for tenants in the north west.

GHA's Morgan Lennie with sisters Chloe and Sophie McCaffery

Tenants and their families in Knightswood had a sparkling time at Linkes‘ family fun day.

Knightswood exercise class for over 55s

Older tenants in the north west are putting their best foot forward to get fit.

Knightswood church bulk

A church in the west had its prayers answered after asking for help to clear up after a major refurbishment.

Cash for Kids in Knightswood

GHA staff in our Knightswood office held a Christmas fundraising sale for a great cause - Cash for Kids.

Christmas cards

Christmas has come early for a Knightswood tenant after GHA's community arts and craft class stepped in to help.


Glasgow really is the dear green place – and few places show it better than Knightswood.

GHA tenant Blandine Damtse

A GHA tenant has created the first news website aimed at the African-Caribbean community in Scotland.

older person's forum

Dozens of tenants took part in GHA’s first Older Person’s Forum in the north west.

Dyke Road bins

A bin area at Knightswood was overflowing with rubbish - with an old mattress and television box making the area look untidy.

GHA arborists remove fallen tree at Keal Avenue

GHA always wants to keep communities clean and safe.

New lifts have been installed at Lincoln Avenue

We've been working hard to improve homes and communities in the area.

Bulk uplift in close

We know you care about your neighbourhood – and we do too.

Archerhill before and after

A garden area in Knightswood is looking better than ever - thanks to GHA and tenants.

Kirkton Avenue back court

An overgrown backcourt in the west of the city has been given a makeover - after tenants asked GHA for help.

Lincoln Avenue event to meet the neighbours

A 'Meet the Neighbours' event in Knightswood helped bring older tenants closer together.

Jeane Freeman My Great Start

A service to support new tenants to make the most of their new home has helped more than 1500 people in the past year.