Why tenants in Garscadden are proud of their community

Tenants are doing it for themselves in helping make GHA communities great.

GHA tenants have carried out assessments to improve their neighbourhood

GHA is working with Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) to help keep neighbourhoods clean and green.

KSB has its own National Award for Environmental Excellence and has been training tenants to take part in walkabouts to assess their own communities.

Walkabouts in the north west kicked off this week, with residents in Garscadden joining staff to look at things like foyers and closes, back courts and open spaces – as well as issues such as graffiti and dog-fouling.

The assessors praised high-quality fencing fitted by GHA’s environmental staff, well maintained back courts, improved recycling facilities, and the way GHA engages with residents to improve front gardens. GHA has also been working hard to stamp out dog fouling in the area.

The team also recognised the need for some fresh paintwork and some minor repairs carried out in a couple of closes in the area.

Tenant Robert Geddes, from Lincoln Avenue, took part in this week’s walkabout.

Robert said: “It’s important for people to look after things themselves – and in a lot of places people really do that.

“There’s a lot of greenery in the area that is well looked after and the open areas around Kirkton Avenue look lovely.

“Working with KSB is encouraging people to do their best – and I’m very happy with that.”

GHA’s Steven Gray said: “Tenants are really excited about helping make their communities great. People really care about their neighbourhoods – and we want all our residents to be proud of where they live.”

GHA is looking at carrying out similar walkabouts in the north west in Drumchapel and Milton in the weeks ahead.

To get involved, talk to your housing officer.

Pictured at the top are Alex Hamilton and Betty Cuthbertson with GHA environmental operative Liam Kiely and former resident Eileen Condie in Garscadden.

Also pictured are residents Robert Geddes and Alex Hamilton along with GHA’s Allan Walton and Jackie Irvine.

Friday, September 07, 2018