Help with computers every week at GHA’s Mosspark office

Tenants in a south side community are learning computer skills at their local GHA office.

Tenants can get free computer classes every week at GHA's Mosspark office

Free classes every week give people one-to-one expert advice on using computers and the internet.

Being online is vital for people on Universal Credit, who need access to the internet to make a claim and fill in their online journal.

Access to the internet also helps in applying for jobs, working on a CV, saving money on shopping and lots more.

Tenant William McKee, from Dumbreck, said: “The classes are easy- going and enjoyable.  I tried to teach myself at my local library but I was getting very stressed.

“It’s so much better having someone there to help.”

Wilma McGlinchey, also from Dumbreck, said: “‘The classes are absolutely brilliant.  Everyone is nice and friendly.

“It’s taken away the fear of using technology for me.”

Joanne Diamond, GHA’s housing manager for the area, said: “It’s so important to be online, especially for people claiming Universal Credit.

“People can pop along at any time and get all the help they need.”

If you’re interested, pop along to the GHA office at 539 Mosspark Boulevard, any time between 12.30 and 2.30pm on a Thursday.

William McKee is pictured with IT tutor Steven Smith.

Friday, June 21, 2019