GHA team's Toy Story too

GHA’s south environmental team created their own version of Toy Story to help kids have a merry Christmas.

GHA team's toy bank donation

The team, based at Lyoncross Depot in Pollok, have been recycling discarded household items such as old washing machines and cookers from back courts and bin shelters.

They then sell on the items to a scrapyard for cash and use the money to help support local charities over the festive period.

This year, the team donated £400 to The Community and Beyond toy bank based at the Riverside Hall in Govan.

The guys also donated £300 to Castlemilk Parish Church, which will be organising a free lunch for anyone who passes through their doors on Christmas day.

Other groups to benefit include St Andrew and St Nicholas Church Christmas appeal, and local Boys’ Brigade and Girl Guide groups.

GHA’s Maria Corrigan said: “This was a great effort from our guys.

“Recycling these unwanted items has helped the environment in our communities – and is a fantastic way of raising much-needed funds for local groups.”

Pictured alongside John Beattie from the toy bank, far left, are GHA’s Michael Foley, Robert Young, Declan Dunsmuir, Christina Cardwell and Callum Scott.

Friday, November 23, 2018