New Dougrie Hall is a focal point for tenants

We’ve been working hard to improve homes and communities in the area.

The Lord Provost opened a new community hall

Tenants in Hillpark are feeling warmer and more comfortable in their homes after GHA spent £672,000 on a new communal heating system there.

A new bulk uplift area for 217 homes in Hillpark was also built, at a cost of just under £7,000.

In Castlemilk, the new Dougrie Hall is a focal point for older tenants there to socialise, arrange parties and other events. GHA spent £270,000 on the new facility, which also features a kitchen, a staff office and a laundry room.

Meanwhile, footpaths at Drakemire Avenue, Castlemilk, have also been upgraded to the tune of £16,000.

GHA also installed new windows on 24 homes in Castlemilk Drive, at a cost of almost £120,000.

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Monday, August 27, 2018