Beautiful Dennistoun garden brings neighbours closer together

A GHA tenant has thanked her neighbour for creating a beautiful garden that’s bringing people closer together.

Neighbours in the beautiful garden in Dennistoun

Catriona McCabe is delighted at how neighbour Mrs Campbell transformed a communal garden in Dennistoun into a lovely space complete with flowers, benches and a birdbath.

The garden is bringing neighbours together and helping reduce isolation.

Catriona said: “The garden is really beautiful and very well used. All the neighbours go down and sit on the benches - we even have lunch together there sometimes.

“It’s made a big difference. Neighbours are talking to each other more and it’s really brought people together. It helps reduce isolation, especially for people who don’t have any family.

“I’d like to thank Mrs Campbell. She’s done a fantastic job.”

benches in the garden a birdbath in the garden beautiful garden in dennistoun

Mrs Campbell, who started work on the garden last year, said: “There were just trees and bushes there beforehand, and nowhere for people to sit out.

“I wanted to plant flowers to help bio-diversity and it grew from there. Plants attract bees, butterflies and other insects which benefit the environment

“I’m very happy neighbours are using it a lot. It was so important during lockdown when people couldn’t get out to meet others – it’s easy to socially distance in the garden too.

“I’ve always been a keen gardener. Gardening is so therapeutic. It’s good for your mental health and brings a real sense of peace.”

Housing officer Debbie Whitters added: “Mrs Campbell has done a great job creating such a beautiful space that’s brought neighbours closer together.”

Catriona is pictured at the top of the page, on the right, with Mrs Campbell.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020