New boilers, controlled entry and rewire across the area

We've been working hard to improve homes and communities in the north east of the city.

Investment work in Sandyhills

A total of 111 new homes in Cairnbrook and Baillieston have had their boilers replaced after GHA spent £163,000 on the project.

New close doors and controlled entry systems were installed for 63 homes at Killin Street in Sandyhills, costing £32,000.

And we’ve also spent £67,000 rewiring 23 homes in Sandford Gardens.

Across the whole of the north east area, we spent around £600,000 putting new boilers in 268 homes, while around £650k was also spent on installing new kitchens and bathrooms and rewiring 82 homes.

To read more about GHA's city-wide investment click on investing in your home.

Monday, August 27, 2018