GHA wish St Roch's a happy birthday

GHA tenants and staff helped a Glasgow school in the north east of the city celebrate a big birthday.

St Roch's 90th birthday party

Pupils and teachers at St Roch’s Secondary School in Rhymer Street held a fun day to mark its 90th birthday in late August – with GHA invited along.

The GHA gazebo was a hive of activity with staff listening to tenants and answering questions about housing issues, giving welfare benefits advice and telling people how to sign up for a My GHA online services account.

Tenants - of all ages - were also keen to get their photo taken in the GHA selfie frame, designed by our friends at City Building.

Kids had a ball as well, enjoying the bouncy castle, throwing wet sponges at teachers, balloon-making classes and rodeo-style rides.

The Parent Council was thrilled with the success of the event – and thanked GHA for playing our part in the school’s big day.

Saturday, September 01, 2018