A helping hand for tenants

Tenants know just who to call if they need a helping hand with odd jobs around the home – Wheatley Group’s Handyperson.

Handyperson service

The handyperson service helps tenants who are disabled or over 60 with small jobs around the home.

Those jobs range from changing light bulbs to building flat-pack furniture, plumbing in washing machines and more.

It’s a good for way Wheatley to support people at home and help them live more independently.

GHA tenant Wilma Wilson, 70, from Balornock, said: “I can’t praise the Handyperson enough. It’s a really good service.

“I just phone up and ask for the guys to come out. I’ve used it to hang curtains and put flat-pack furniture together.

“The workers are lovely, and just can’t do enough. It’s a real weight off my mind because it’s not easy for me to climb ladders. It’s a fantastic service and I would recommend it to anyone.”

The Handyperson Service, now funded by the Wheatley Foundation, is available to GHA, Cube, Loretto and West Lothian Housing Partnership tenants.

Wheatley Group’s Alex Adrain said: “We always want to support our tenants to live independently at home – and the Handyperson service is a great way of doing that.

“People really appreciate that extra helping hand. It can be a real lifeline to some of our more vulnerable customers.”

GHA, Cube, Loretto and WLHP tenants who are interested in the Handyperson service should ring 0800 111 4404.

Pictured: GHA tenant Wilma Wilson with Wheatley handyperson Joe Mason.

Thursday, August 09, 2018