VIDEO: Better homes, better lives

GHA is all about creating ‘Better homes, better lives, a better Glasgow’.

Better homes, better lives video

Check out our video to see how we are changing communities and lives for the better.

Hear from Housing Officers Brian and Josh about why they are proud to work for GHA.

Tenant Alison tells her story about why she loves her new-build home in Sighthill.

Fellow tenant Jean explains how help is on hand if she needs extra support around her home.

Lara from our African Housing Forum is thrilled to be playing a part in shaping GHA’s services.

Gardener Carly helps keep communities clean and green – and enjoy tenants’ home baking.

Jordan is now looking at a bright future after joining our environmental team while Joanne feels like part of the family for many tenants.

And Joe was 10 years without a job – but now he’s making a difference to communities after joining our trainee scheme.