Edward shows why he's streets ahead

Tenant Edward Kirwood from Pollok

Edward Kirkwood, 29, is out in his wheelchair every day with his litter picker cleaning up the streets around his home in Pollok.

GHA’s local environmental staff were so impressed with Edward’s hard work they helped him out by tidying his garden and cutting the grass.

Edward, who has cerebral palsy, said: “I go out every day, sometimes twice a day, picking up crisp packets, cigarette ends, anything.

“But I haven’t found any money yet!

“I take pride in my community. It makes the area look good and helps when people come to visit.

“One of the GHA staff saw me picking up litter and said thank you.

“They cut my grass for me – it was so high I could hardly see over the fence. It was a nice wee boost.

“We’re working together to keep our areas clean – and make Glasgow a better place for everyone.”

GHA’s environmental boss Alex Adrain added: “We want our customers to be proud of their neighbourhoods – and Edward sets a really good example for everyone.

“It’s great to see him take such pride in his area.

“We wanted to give Edward something back for all his good work. His garden was looking a bit untidy, and we were only too happy to help out.

“This is a really nice example of tenants and GHA staff working together to make our communities great.”

Pictured with Edward are, from left, GHA’s Dylan McKellar, Gary Craig, John Hughes and John Paul Robertson.