Training opportunities

We know it’s tough to get your first foot on the career ladder.

We can help people get the right skills and training to boost your job prospects.

The on-the-job experience we offer could make a big difference at your next job interview. It’s all part of our goal to help tenants lead ‘Better Lives’. 

We are currently recruiting 30 modern apprentices to work in Wheatley Group. Click on modern apprentices to apply.

Check out the training opportunities at GHA and our parent company Wheatley Group.

How does GHA create jobs and training places?

We create jobs and training through employability schemes, Modern Apprenticeships and through clauses in our new-build and investment contracts.

These contracts mean contractors must provide employment opportunities for local people.

We created 219 jobs and training opportunities for GHA customers in the 2015–16 financial year.

We also create opportunities through our parent company, Wheatley Group, and the Wheatley Pledge scheme.

Across our parent organisation Wheatley Group, we created a total of 564 jobs and training places for people in our communities over the past year.