Becoming homeless is a very difficult and stressful time.

Glasgow City Council's Community Homeless Team offers advice and help based on your own circumstances. This includes a decision on whether you are homeless in the eyes of the law.  

Once your homeless status is confirmed by the Council, applications for housing are considered by social landlords, including GHA.

I’ve got nowhere to stay tonight. What should I do?

Get in touch with your nearest Glasgow City Council Community Homeless Team. They will give you advice and may offer temporary accommodation.

If you are staying with friends and family, the Council will work with you to resolve housing problems and do everything it can to prevent you from becoming homeless.

Contact your nearest Community Homeless Team

South area of Glasgow
1st Floor, Twomax Building,
187 Old Rutherglen Road,
Glasgow, G5 0RE.

Telephone: 0141 276 8201.

North West of Glasgow
30 Mansion Street,
Glasgow, G22 5SZ.

Telephone: 0141 276 6168.

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 8:45am–4:45pm,
Friday 8:45am–3:55pm.