Around your home

We're spending more than £14.3 million making communities great. Read all about the ways we are changing GHA neighbourhoods for the better.

Improvements around your home

From improving green areas around our homes to great-looking common landing areas, new lifts and CCTV.

We're making GHA communities places tenants are proud to call home.

Read all about the big improvements we are making around your flats and houses.

North east – Around your home

AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
Cathedral StreetNew external wall insulation£75,000182017
SaltmarketNew external wall insulation£500,000242017/18
Drygate multi-storey flatsNew lifts£500,0002462017/18
Townhead tenementsNew close doors and controlled entry£115,000882017
High StreetNew close doors and controlled entry£25,000352017
Ruby Street and Baltic Street multi-storeysNew lifts£800,0002522017/18
Helenvale multi-storey flatsNew lifts£1,000,000252 2017/18
Cranhill multi-storey flatsDecoration of common landings£200,0003062018
Cranhill multi-storey flatsCCTV upgrade£85,0003062017
RiddrieNew external wall insulation£300,000542017
Sannox Gardens, BailliestonNew external wall insulation£75,00018 2017
Cumbernauld RoadNew close doors and controlled entry£60,000722017
CarntyneStructural upgrades and internal insulation£5,000,0001282017/18
Charles Street, Royston, multi-storeysNew ventilation system£130,0005782018
Killin Street, BailliestonNew close doors and controlled entry£55,000482017
Sandyhills, Baillieston, multi-storeysUpgrade to customer reception area£50,000-2017/18
GarthamlockNew close doors and controlled entry£75,000802018

North west – Around your home

AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
ScotstounNew external wall insulation£750,0001202018
843 Crow RoadUpgrade to external wall insulation£100,000126 2017
Lincoln Avenue and Kestrel Avenue, KnightswoodNew lifts£1,500,0004562017
Kirkton Avenue, KnightswoodUpgrade to external wall insulation£300,0006902017
Castlebay, Milton, multi-storeysCommunal fan£90,0002882017
Castlebay, Milton, multi-storeysUpgrade to water tanks and pump£50,0002882017
Staffin Street and Elphin Street, SummerstonUpgrade to bin stores and drying areas£250,0001002017

South – Around your home

AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
Dougrie Terrace, CastlemilkResidents and wardens room£660,000642017
Dougrie Terrace, CastlemilkUpgrade to roofs£50,000772017/18
Ibrox and CessnockDecoration of common landings£80,0004162017
Jura Street, MossparkResidents and wardens room£580,000562017
HillparkNew communal heating£514,0001402017/18
Birness multi-storeysUpgrade to roofs£50,0001412017/18
EdinbegDecoration of common landings£70,000482018