Five-year plans

GHA is spending a massive £200 million improving our homes across Glasgow by 2020.

New-build in North East of the city

Thousands of homes all over the city will see a host of upgrades, including new kitchens and bathrooms, new heating, new doors and windows.

Our multi-million five-year programme is already underway. This huge investment is on top of the £1.2billion investment programme which saw around 80,000 former council homes modernised following the transfer of the city’s housing stock from Glasgow City Council to GHA in 2003.

Read more about the five-year plans for your area in our Library section.

How are we improving homes?

The £200 million investment programme until 2020 includes:

  • overcladding 580 homes in multi-storey blocks
  • overcladding 1200 low-rise homes
  • 6350 new central heating systems
  • 1170 homes to get new windows
  • 1500 new kitchens, bathrooms and rewires
  • 25 new lifts in tower blocks.

We’ll also be carrying out internal improvements, including:

  • upgrading communal doors, landings and foyers in 1100 low-rise homes
  • upgrading foyers and communal areas for 740 tenants living in high-rise blocks.

Investment programme so far

In the 2015–16 financial year, we invested almost £45million in improving our homes.

The work included new roofs, overcladding, new heating and replacement kitchens and bathrooms.

The work completed means that GHA has, since 2003, now delivered:

  • 45,322 central heating systems
  • 14,683 new windows
  • 47,522 new kitchens
  • 47,169 new bathrooms.

We have also:

  • overclad 40,098 homes, reroofed 38,194 and
  • rewired another 44,494 homes.