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Safety packs help keep kids safe

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GHA’s child safety packs are helping thousands of youngsters stay safe in their home.

Scotland’s biggest social landlord has delivered more than 2,750 child safety packs to GHA tenants since the project was launched last year.

The pack contains useful items to prevent a child being scalded, electrocuted or hurt at home – and also a booklet with first aid advice if something does go wrong.

The safety advice pack is one way GHA is supporting young families.

Carol Shield, from Blairdardie, received one of the packs for son Steven, who is 13 and who has autism.

Carol said: “The packs are great. I will make very good use of the majority of items. Thank you.”

Packs are free to tenants with a child under five, and to any GHA tenant who thinks they would benefit – such as grandparents who look after grandchildren or a tenant whose child has special needs.

The child safety advice pack includes:

• hair straightener cover
• blind cord shorteners
• socket covers
• corner cushions
• drawer/cupboard locks
• first aid advice.

GHA is part of the Wheatley Housing Group. The group also includes Cube Housing Association, Lowther Homes and YourPlace Property Management.

GHA tenants who would like a pack can phone 0800 479 7979 or ask their housing officer.

Alex McGuire, GHA’s Executive Director of Development and Regeneration, said:  “We’re delighted to be able to help thousands of young families stay safe. These small changes can make a big difference to families and help reduce the number of accidents in the home.”

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